Vehicle Resources

The diversity of vehicles used today demands that training include a variety of training vehicles including rear-wheel drive sedans, high center-of-gravity SUVs, two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, both automatic and standard transmissions. O'Gara Training Facility & Academy-Montross currently operates and maintains 34 specially prepared training vehicles.

Vehicles Include

-Fourteen (14) Crown Victoria's in the Montross vehicle fleet.
-Eight (8) Chevy Suburban 2500 Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) in the OTFA-M training fleet.
-Six (6) Fully Armored Vehicles (FAV) at OTFA-M. These vehicles are all 2007 and newer.

For our off-road fleet we utilize Jeep Grand Cherokees, Jeep Commanders, and Ford Explorers to instruct on unimproved roads and off-road courses, employing both 2-wheel-drive (2WD) and 4 wheel-drive (4WD). These vehicles are extensively modified to best withstand the hard use of off-road driving. Each is equipped with the full complement of tools necessary for off-road support (winch, hi-lift jack, snatch blocks, chains, straps, gloves, shovels, etc.). A fleet of disposable cars, including operable sedans and target cars, are available for purchase or rental, depending upon the specified use.

Vehicle Maintenance Area ......

At OTF-M saftey comes first. Inside our newly remodeled Tactical Operations Center, O'gara operates a 22,100 sq. ft. fully-equiped vehicle service area to keep our vehicle fleet in top notch running order ensuring our vehicles run safely in the high performance conditions required for advanced driver's training.

Vehicle Service Area

-22,100 sq. ft. fully equipped service area
-ASE certified technicians
-Indoor vehicle storage
-(1) 19,000 lb. vehicle lift
-(4 ea.) 9000 lb. vehicle lifts