Vehicle Resources

The diversity of vehicles used today demands that training include a variety of training vehicles including rear-wheel drive sedans, high center-of-gravity SUVs, two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, both automatic and standard transmissions. O'Gara currently fields 33 specially prepared training vehicles and a disposable fleet of 25-30 cars.

Vehicles Include

-Fourteen (14) Crown Victoria's in the fleet
-Nineteen (19) sport utility vehicles (SUV) in the training fleet
-Eight (8) modern (2002-current year) Chevrolet Tahoe's that are designated for road course and motorcade use
-Eight (8) prior model (1999) Tahoe's that are specifically prepared for undeveloped road and off-road training
-Five (5) Nissan Xterra's (each equipped as the Tahoe's above)
-A fleet of disposable cars (25-30 cars), including operable sedans and target cars, are available for purchase or rental, depending upon the specified use.