Public Health Services

Our company’s public health and medical subject matter experts have a wealth of knowledge and practical “real world” experience with advanced degrees and certifications (PhD, MD, MPH, MSA, MSN, BSN, RN) in the public health, hospital, and military medical sectors with backgrounds in clinical care and administrative policy during disasters. Our professionals have represented their agencies, and various state and federal governmental organizations, on actual health and medical responses including Hurricane Katrina and the five named storms which impacted the eastern Gulf Coast during 2005. Our staff also includes well-published medical academicians who hold credentials on various medical and health sciences college campuses, and have authored curriculum on behalf of FEMA and other governmental organizations.

Services Include:

-SNS and POD Assessment Tool
-Medical Surge Training and Evaluation
-Critical Resource Assessment – Personnel, Equipment, Supplies, Infrastructure
-Communications Assessment – Internal, External, Redundancy, Interoperability
-Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)
-SNS and POD Drills and Exercises
-CRI - BioWatch Drills and Exercises