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For over a decade O’Gara Training & Services has provided advanced training programs, world-class facilities, and services that enhance capabilities by preparing law enforcement, militaries, governments, and corporations in their efforts to prepare for, respond to, and recover from acts of terrorism, pandemic threats, and natural disasters. O’Gara has provided multiple advanced tactical training programs to elite special forces, DIA, DSS, NAVY SEALS, US MARSHALS, NAVY EOD and many other military specialties.

O’Gara has developed an open enrollment program which opens our doors to the public by tailoring comprehensive programs that were originally created for training elite government personnel. By blending classroom training with practical exercises, individuals can now learn advanced tactical driving and marksmanship skills. Enroll for a class today and learn advanced skills from world-class instructors that have been hand selected from elite special forces and federal law enforcement.

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