Demolitions and EOD Areas

OTF-M boasts multiple explosive ranges that can accommodate a wide variety of explosive training events. From explosively actuated tools to three pound Net Explosive Weight (NEW) surface detonations.

-ATF license to manufacture, purchase and store explosives
-State explosives use and unrestricted blasters certifications
-Observation point with video capabilities
-On-site storage for explosives and initiators

Large Demo Pit

All seasons multiple use explosive range that will accommodate separate or simultaneous use. Net Explosive Weight (NEW) of 3 lb. can be utilized on this range. Viewing bunker with frontal and overhead cover is provided and is approved by State and Local authorities for the type and amount of explosives used during training.

Small Demo Pit

Ten sand filled firing pits 8'X10' each separated and backed by earth and railroad tie revetments. Unriveted pits are for surface explosions and explosion scene sifting operations. Covered firing line is located 600' from these firing pits. 10 buried firing cables and blast proof spigot are also provided on this range.

Booby-Trap House/Trail ......

The 25’x20’ booby-trap house includes four rooms and a hallway which serve as an area to investigate, clear booby traps and utilize explosively actuated tools and robots. The trail is 150’ long that can be booby trapped in a variety of ways depending on the customer’s needs or training emphasis.