Firearms Facilities

Advanced weapons training demands multiple range facilities that offers ample venues to support both large numbers of students engaged in various types of firearms training. OTF-M offers 5 ranges and all the equipment needed to support virtually any type of firearms and tactical operations training.

50/100 Yard Ranges (2 ea.)

-24 shooting positions
-120 ft. wide
-12 ft. x 120 ft. firing line
-28 ft. back berm
-20 ft. side berms

300 Yard Range

-Length: 1000 ft. (333yds)
-Width: 75 ft. (25yds)
-Impact Berm: 28 ft. high
-Side Berms: 10 ft. high

Live-Fire Shoot House ......

SACON® technology maximizes the safety of our students while maintaining a realistic training environment. SACON® material absorbs projectiles, eliminates ricochets, is environmentally friendly, and has sound-absorbing characteristics that make it more desirable than steel-plate backstops.

-Shock-absorbing concrete (SACON®)
-Explosive & mechanical entry doors
-Multiple entry points