Firearms Facilities

The Shoot House ......

Our 1,280 square foot ballistic shoot house fabricated by Range Systems™ is situated on a 2,288 square foot concrete pad, completely covered by a metal roof. The house has four (4) separate rooms and one hallway, all connected by replaceable interior wooden doors. Each room is lighted, and the on/off switch is situated near the door as in standard construction.

The shoot house has two replaceable exterior wooden doors and four replaceable interior doors. All doors are breachable through mechanical, ballistic and explosive techniques. A sliding ballistic door covers each exterior door. The shoot house is equipped with a catwalk covering the center of the long axis, the full length of the building. The shoot house is equipped with 8 portable bullet traps. The shoot house accommodates ammunition up to 5.56mm. Ball ammunition is acceptable.

Ranges ......

Advanced weapons training demands multiple range facilities that offer ample venues to support both large numbers of students engaged in various types of firearms training. We offer 5 ranges and all the equipment needed to support virtually any type of firearms and tactical operations training.

RANGE 1 (The Citadel)

-60 yards
-360º field of fire
-Live-fire vehicle mounts & dismounts
-15 shooting positions
-Supports pistol, sub-machine guns & carbines

Range 2

-20 shooting positions
-1,000 yards
-100 yards graveled
-Supports pistol, sub-machine guns, carbines & rifles

Range 3

-15 covered shooting positions
-100 yards
-Supports pistol, sub-machine guns, & carbines

Range 4

-15 covered shooting positions
-50 yards
-Supports pistol, sub-machine guns, & carbines

Range 5

-10 covered shooting positions
-50 yards
-Reactive-Steel Range
-Supports pistol and sub-machine guns