Alton, Virginia

OTF-A is a 1,200 acre complex in Alton, VA located on the state border of North Carolina and Virginia. This Tactical Training Facility provides world-class tarmac areas, miles of undeveloped roads, off-road obstacle courses, a sand pit used for SUV & HMMWV maneuvers, 5 firing ranges including a 360º Citadel, steel shoot houses and multiple buildings for force-on-force training scenarios.

OTF-A offers purpose-built facilities complete with buildings and paved streets to support realistic training scenarios. Each structure will accommodate scenario-driven tactical training using Simunition®, distraction devices, and force-on-force training. Vehicles may be incorporated in scenarios, moving on the streets and parked at or near the buildings.

This Tactical Training Facility also accommodates classroom training and provides a 1200 square feet classroom that comfortably accommodates over 100 students and their equipment. This space can also be divided into two separate classrooms.

This facility also offers a unique opportunity for amphibious training using the surrounding Dan River to simulate amphibious missions and other tactical training scenarios.