Tactical Training Facilities

O'Gara Training & Services currently has two cutting edge tactical training facilities in Montross, VA and Alton, VA,, each with their own unique terrain, capabilities, and amenities. Our premier facility in Montross, VA is located just 75 miles south of Washington D.C. and is within 2 hours of 4 major international airports. This facility offers cost effective and convenient comprehensive training solutions to our customers by providing the closest full service facility in the National Capital Region. Capabilities include a variety of driver's training courses in both on and off road situations, multiple ranges, an urban village and an indoor simunition® area.

Our Alton, VA facility is located on Virginia International Raceway and offers multiple paved road course configurations and miles off off-road courses to create the best driver's training scenarios. This facility also has multiple ranges, a shoothouse, and multiple buildings for force on force scenarios.

All of our facilities provide the best equipment, comfortable lodging, and of course the world-class instructor support O'Gara is known for.