Paved Road Course

Paved Tracks ......

The paved road course has six track configurations. The full course is a 3.27 mile racing circuit which features 17 turns and 130 feet of elevation changes. This course can be divided into two separate and autonomous circuits: the Full Course and the 1.1 mile Patriot Course, or the North Course of 2.25 miles and the 1.65 mile South Course. Our Grand East and Grand West Circuits are two of the three longest road courses in North America, at 4.1 and 4.2 miles respectively.

Each circuit simulates actual road conditions. Grass grows to the edge of the roadway; guardrails are positioned at varying distances from the roadway; trees, wooded parks and dense forests are present on either side of the roadway; and each circuit has decreasing and increasing radius turns, blind crests and hills that rise and drop from 80 to 130 feet.

The North course is used for nighttime driving to simulate low light scenarios and to provide unfamiliar roads to the students.

Skid Pad ......

The 300' x 300' skid pad is coated and may be inundated through an in-ground sprinkler system for skid control training. Skid training is an integral part of all vehicle dynamics training. This pad has been utilized in multiple US government training programs, including Department of Defense and Department of State personnel training.