Off-Road Courses

Off-Road Courses ......

The Tactical Training Facility provides miles of undeveloped roads and off-road obstacle courses used for SUV & HMMWV maneuvers.

Off-Road Rally Course

The 3.8-mile dirt and gravel rally race course is the perfect place for teaching elevated speed driving on unimproved road surfaces. This course features constant, increasing and decreasing radius turns, changes in elevation, high speed straightaways and S-turns.

Off-Road Obstacle Course

The 1.2-mile Off-Road Obstacle Course features twenty two obstacles: vehicle climbs, descents, tipping points, straddle trenches, tank traps, a stair climb, a suspended log bridge and a rock pit.

Sand Pit Obstacle Course

The five acre sand pit obstacle course features eleven obstacles: vehicle climbs, descents, tipping points, tank traps and a water crossing.

Off-Road Trails

The 10.6 miles of off-road trails skirt The Dan River along the northern and western side of The Tactical Training Facility. The trails feature many steep hill climbs and descents, ditch crossings, water crossings, a suspended bridge crossing, and tree negotiation obstacles.